The Seed of Grace International College owned by the name of Jesus Ministries Int’l is a private co-educational Christian college with boarding and other educational facilities.

The international college is set within 200 plots of land located few kilometers away from the noise and distraction of the capital city (Ado-Ekiti)

It is a co-educational Christian secondary school with a mission to train students who will excel through the wisdom attained from the fear of the Lord.

Our operations are therefore based on biblical principles as we believe every child matters to God. Therefore, they are valued and treated with respect.

We intend to be reference point in the provision of qualitative and self reliant education for children in this nation as we develop the potential that resides in each of our students.

The college is blessed with a crop of qualified, dedicated, talented and experienced Christian teachers who will impart Christian moral and academic education of the highest standard into the students.

We are supported by a group of dedicated, high profile board of advisers and council members, thus offering an excellent structured system of pastoral care with quality academic standard along with personal development.

Why Choose Seed of Grace? 

Parents choose Seed of Grace International College because they believe in the virtues of the School, being;

    • The biblical principles
    • The Nigerian and British Curriculum which is offered
    • Consistently outstanding academic achievements
    • Home away from home experience
    • A conducive learning environment
    • Beautiful surroundings
    • Comprehensive facilities
    • A wide range of co-curricular programmes
    • The competitive spirit
    • Skilled and well trained staff
    • Learning support provided for underachievers
    • A high code of conduct
    • Historic beginning

We’ve done many awesome jobs

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  • Our aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience, which will give the individual confidence and respect that will overcome all distinctions of race, class, colour and creed.
    We also wish to develop in our students a consciousness of the needs of society and the desire to contribute positively through selfless service, putting the totality of God-given talents and acquired knowledge to the service of humanity.
  • Our mission at seed of Grace International College is to train students who will excel through the wisdom attained from the fear of the Lord.
  • To raise the next generational leaders for Christ who will exhibit excellence and integrity in its entirety. Our values are based solely on the infallible word of God.
  • *To provide a conducive teaching and learning environment
    *To enhance high academic performances and provide intellectual skills
    *Consistently outstanding academic achievements
    *To provide qualitative and self reliant education that will develop the potential in each of our students
    *To mould students future in life through result oriented teachers
    *To expose students to leadership roles and civilized governance early in life
    *To develop Godly character, promote healthy inter-personal relationship and respect for constituted authority
    *To broaden students outlook through local and foreign excursions