Graceland International School


raceland International Nursery and Primary School is a top private Christian nursery and primary school. It is the primary arm of the prestigious Seed of Grace International College. The school was established to cater for the educational, moral and spiritual needs of children from the age of 2 to 10 brought to our care. At GIS, we create a holistic educational child friendly environment where children feel secure and their innate potentials are catered for and developed. The school offers opportunities to enable the children acquire life-skills as well as the love for life-long learning which will equip them for the years ahead

At GIS, we strive for excellence as we are setting down the foundations for a lifetime of learning, and we place a huge emphasis on the key skills and literacy and numeracy. Our teaching is child-centered and personal which helps as foster critical and creative talking and thinking skills throughout a broad and balanced curriculum.

Graceland International School is officially registered by the ministry of Education. We value the total commitment of all stakeholders (Pupils, Parent, Staff, and School Management) as evidence by

    • A sense of shared purpose and values.
    • Camaraderie, teamwork and collegiality
    • Effective communications at all levels to facilitate the educational service
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  • Our mission at Graceland International School is:
    * To train pupils who will excel through wisdom attained from the fear of the Lord.
    * To raise the next generational leaders for Christ who will exhibit excellence and integrity in its entirety,
    our values are based solely on the infallible word of God.At Graceland Int’l School, we work together to promote learning and achieve the highest standards for every child through high expectations and high quality teaching. We provide an education that is enjoyable, inclusive, stimulating and challenging which allows individuals to meet their full potential and develop skills for life.
  •  WE BELIEVE THAT Graceland International Nursery and Primary School is a Kingdom project
     WE BELIEVE THAT every child is unique
     WE BELIEVE THAT we are the best at what we do
     WE BELIEVE THAT we are Transformers
     WE BELIEVE THAT we are salts and lights
     WE BELIEVE THAT that a complete education involves the collaborative effort of parents, teachers and the pupils
     WE BELIEVE THAT education without discipline is illiteracy therefore discipline is at the core of our operations
     WE BELIEVE THAT every student has the right to learn in a friendly, safe and secure environment
     WE BELIEVE only on the word of God- The Bible
  • The school is organized into 3 sections; the Nursery section, the lower primary section and the upper primary section: (Nursery 1-3, Year 1-3, Year 4&5.). For each year group/stream, there are at least two arms. Each nursery arm has its own teacher and two class assistants while the other year groups have a teacher and a teaching assistant for each arm. The teacher (Adult)/Pupil ratio is 1:8 in the nursery section and is 1:12 in year 1-5.
  • Registration form for admission is sold in the school from January. The assessment test takes place inJune/July. The asssessment test procedure is as follows:
    • Oral Interview - Nursery
    • Written Test in English and Matematics - Primary I and II (Transfer Admission)
    • Written Test in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Elementary Science
    • Science - Primary 3 - 5 (Transfer Admission)
    Transfer Admission is subject to vacancy in the class. Letter of Admission would be issued to successful candidates with the bill for the first term. Parents who wish to pay a year's fee or more for convinience can do so. An official reciept will be issued for the payment of fees. A deadline is given for payment of school fees. Failure to meet the deadline will lead to forfeiture of admission to pupils on waiting list.
    The school opens a record file for each pupil with 2 passport photographs.
  • Graceland International School offers a wide range of learning experiences based on the unique fusion of the Nigerian and British national curricula. Different learning opportunities and experiences are offered so that each child can develop independently while learning
    The subjects taught are:
    • English, Mathematics, Science, Information and communication technology, Physical health education(P.H.E), Arts and design, Home economics, Christian religious knowledge, Civics, Music, General knowledge, French ,Yoruba •
    Specialist teachers are employed to handle the following core subjects in the school :
    • English, Mathematics, I.C.T, French
  • The school engages the children in a number of co-curricular activities during the term. Each pupil is encouraged to join at least one of these clubs. This gives them a sense of belonging and also brings out the innate abilities in the children. These clubs/ co-curricular activities include: Literary and debating club, Federal Road Safety Corps club, Press club, the School choir, Cultural club, JETS club and Drama club.
  • GIS prides herself in the caliber of staff employed across board. All teaching staff are highly qualified with years of early childhood teaching experience. Our support staff give care and affection which is fondly referred to as “tendering” to the little children in the nursery section.
    Supervision is key in GIS. This is to ensure that our core beliefs and ethos, permeate the school. Hence, each section is headed by a supervisor. The activities of the whole school are monitored by the Head of School who reports to the Group Principal.
  • The physical well-being of every child is of great importance. Pupils have access to the seed of grace group of school’s clinic equipped with competent medical staff.
    Parents are enjoined to provide accurate records of their children so as to help us take proper care of them.
    Parents requiring our medical personnel to administer medications to their children for any ailments must bring a doctor’s prescriptions along with the drugs.